October 11, 2017 Chris Barnhill

3 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Digital Experience for Maximum ROI

Or, how to spend your remaining Q4 budget to set yourself up for success in 2018

Creating digital experiences that convert is what we do here at Consensus. There are 4.93 billion web pages — that’s a lot of content. And you can bet only a small fraction of that content is properly optimized for search, nevermind optimized to convert.

As you look toward setting yourself up for success in 2018 with strong year-end investments, here are three digital initiatives that are rich in “bang for your buck” potential.

1. Analytics Audit

Understanding your users’ behavior and what content they are engaging with on your site is the easiest way to determine what’s successful and what needs improvement, so you can tailor future content development efforts accordingly.  

It’s easy to turn on Google Analytics and assume you’re getting the data you need, but are you measuring the right things? We start every analytics audit by asking a few key questions:

  • What are your measurement goals?  
  • What insight are you hoping to glean from your data?
  • How are you determining success?  

The answers to these questions give us insights into how we can customize your analytics setup, which can pay dividends in understanding—and optimizing—content performance.  

2. HTTPS Migration

We’ve written about the importance of using HTTPS with the upcoming Chrome changes previously.  This is an increasingly important standard of security for a variety of reasons.  While there are many steps to take to prevent becoming the next Yahoo or EquiFax, this is a simple one that prevents some very basic hacking.  

Using the HTTPS protocol ensures that any information entered into a website, such as personal information entered in a form, will be encrypted before being transmitted to a database.  Once this data is encrypted, even if a hacker is able to intercept the data as it’s being sent, they would not be able to read it.  

With HTTPS in place, you are taking steps to prevent costly breaches of user information, and all the negative publicity that comes with it.  Also, the more the general population is made aware of the security risks associated with older, non-encrypted websites, the less likely they are to fill out forms with personal information when they see security warnings.  

You can improve conversions and protect your users with this one small change.

3. SEO Audit

It can be difficult to wrangle all the factors that go into Google’s ranking algorithms, especially as they change over time to put more emphasis on things like mobile and local relevance.  While it’s always important to market content through social and paid channels in order to craft targeted outbound efforts, organic search still accounts for up 73% of site traffic in industries like Business Services.

Performing an SEO audit on your site will get you a prioritized list of what content and pages need attention. According to HubSpot, 75% of their blog views and 90% of leads come from their old posts. If you assume, as is industry standard, that 1 in every 10 pieces of content has the potential to be “long tail” or compounding, investing a little bit of SEO into each piece of content can reap more rewards than just producing new content.

Whether it’s staying on top of old school tactics like making sure your metadata is accurate and descriptive, ensuring your content is focused on the right keywords, or making sure your website is able to display elegantly on mobile, an SEO audit will tell you exactly what you need to do to set yourself up for higher volume of traffic with more consistency.


Start your 2018 off on the right foot by taking care of some of these pieces now. If you don’t have the in-house staff to tackle these initiatives, optimization is what we do – call us, we’d love to help you optimize your site.


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