3 Ways To Improve Your Productivity

Everyone has their own unique tactics to increase productivity while working in an office. What works for some may not always work for others. Nonetheless, having a type of workflow and a solid plan for the week can increase your productivity and help you create outstanding work. Of course, producing quality work and finding a method that works for you takes time and experience.

To get started, here are 3 quick and easy tips on how you can increase your productivity:

1) Plan out your day.

Planning for your day will help you prioritize your task from the least important to the most important. You can plan the night before or as soon as you get to your desk in the morning. Planning out your day or week can alleviate headaches and added stress. It helps you manage time expectations for yourself, and for coworkers. By completing the tasks that take least amount of time first, you can then focus on the more time consuming tasks. Creating an actual physical list makes each task more tangible and rewarding when you get to cross a task off. Evernote seems to be a favorite tool in our office to manage workload.

2) Automate your workflow.

All this means, is finding a tool that does some of your heavy lifting. After all, why make more work for yourself than you need to? Depending on what type of role you have at your job, automating a few tasks can greatly increase your productivity and create time that you thought you didn’t have.

As developers we use Grunt JS or Gulp JS to save time on those repetitive tasks and leaves minimal mistakes in versioning. As social media marketers, we use the popular tool Hootsuite to automate publishing. The list goes on: TargetProcess for project planning, Kapost for B2B content marketing. Take some time to research ways of how you can automate some of your daily tasks.

3) Go for a walk.

Fresh air and a stretch of the legs. Going for a walk can make all the difference to your day from your mood, to work flow, and to having added energy. It gets you away from your computer and gives you a well deserved mental break. Whether it is 10 minutes or 45 minutes this helps you stay productive and healthy!  

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