April 1, 2017 James Burke

Blog Up People!

Implementing a blog doesn’t have to be over whelming, or even make you break a sweat. Here’s how in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Go Window Shopping

WordPress, with it’s robust features and abundance of widgets and plugins, can give your blog great features and save you the time and money in the process. Is your company public? Use the stock widget. Are you looking to connect to Facebook? Use Facebook Connect. Do you want to have users follow and friend you on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Use the Social Share Widget.  Do you want users to be able to find a location? Use google maps. Need your site to go mobile? Check out WPtouch to transform your WP site to an iphone, android, you name it application. What about SEO? Try All in One SEO pack. I could go on….and on….

Step 2.  Harness the power of WP

WordPress has many features that enable you to build a more robust blog, but you have to know how to use them. This is where understanding the technology can lead to better utilization of it to meet your needs. Even by simply understanding the variety of post-types you can have (blog, event, jobs) you can use WP to create a whole host of dynamic content. Use categories to help organize information into a logical navigation structure on the front-end. Once you know what you can do, create your architecture with functionality in mind: Google maps on Contact Us page; Stock Quote widget to enhance your investor page. Moving on to step 3…

Step 3. Architect a User Interface that showcases your functionality

Organize the components of your blog and place them where the user will expect to find them. For Search functionality my mouse is in the top right area before my eyes are. Tags Clouds/Lists, Category lists and any functional tools in areas where users can access them easily. Make your site “Widget-Ready” so you can add a widget without calling up your design team.

Step 4.  Create a design that shows that “Walkin’ Talkin’ Personality”

Is your Company Personality Fun? Serious? Geeky? Extreme? Apply those design elements that you probably restricted just a little bit elsewhere on your site (go on, admit it) and use your blog to jump overboard. Your users will love it. Here, they get to know the real you.

Step 5. Ready, Set, Build! Implementation & Testing

You’ve outlined what Plugins and features you are going to implement, you’ve created your architecture around these features, you took a chance on your design to make it reflect your personality, now all that’s left to do is build it! Luckily, a WordPress blog can be up and running in no time. If you have an existing WordPress blog you can export/import content into your new site in a matter of minutes. If you are new to WordPress, it’s very user-friendly and you won’t even need a “for dummies” book. Create/Edit/Stylize content with ease. Upload images and stylize them too if you want. Are you accepting comments? Turn them on. Really, it doesn’t get any easier than this tool. All that’s left to do next is open up the hosting gates and go live!


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