October 9, 2015 James Burke

Branding Consensus 2015

In the midst of all the branding and designing for our clients, in 2015 we took the time to reinvent ourselves.

This has been a very exciting year for Consensus–one that brings lots of change. New logo, new office, new desks, new team members, and even a brand new couch, which our canine mascot Lola has subtly claimed as her own working space. The synergy of our branding has truly come together, all encompassing a simple, yet sophisticated, modern, energetic, vibrant personality.

consensus branding

We are a passionate team who is incredibly devoted to providing our clients with the best brand experience possible, and we have evolved our brand in 2015 to support this same brand passion. Check out some pics of our new space. You can see the new look on our Twitter page, as well as our new Instagram account. And as always we welcome everyone to come by to say hello.



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