October 16, 2018 Stephanie Wagle

4 Content Marketing Investments You Need to Make in Q4

The best content marketing assets you can invest in to maximize your ROI in 2018.

We’re embracing red wine and cashmere season here at Consensus. We’re also embracing the beginning of Q4 and our many clients who are looking for ways to “use it or lose it “—their year-end budgets, that is.

For us, 2017 has been the year of Content Marketing. We conceived and created a lot of fabulous infographics, social animations, case studies and thought leadership content for our clients.

And then we watched all that smart content convert into leads.

So, if you’re thinking about how you can spend the rest of your 2017 budget, we’ve got some ideas:


1. Infographics
Infographics are 3x more likely to be liked and shared on social media than any other type of content. They are delightful and easy to consume, and with the right hook, reliable data, and a supremely scannable design, infographics are one of the easiest to create and most compelling content marketing tools around. In 2017, we developed infographics for 6 different clients and 4 different product lines, generating over 2,000 leads in highly targeted campaigns.

2. 30-Second Video Animations
Speaking of infographics, here’s a fun one on how companies are using video from the folks at Hubspot.

This year we found new ways to create videos better and faster, with outstanding results in social and other channels. We believe video should have a long-term ROI. So we write and develop videos for our clients to be used in many different ways: as one long, complete story and as shorter snippets that can be repackaged across social channels, email newsletters, landing pages and even as sales collateral.

So what’s your ROI for video? In 2015, marketers who used video grew revenue 49% faster than those who did not use video, according to Aberdeen.

3. Snackable Blog Content
We define “snackable” content as anything your audience can consume in under 3 minutes and learn something they need to know.

Companies that publish more blog posts get more traffic. So not every post needs to be a treatise. Four 300-word posts can be far more valuable than one long “I’ll have to read this later” piece. We look at every blog post as an opportunity for long-term SEO, immediate social promotion, and an expression of your brand.

4. Audit and optimize your existing content
Don’t throw away your existing content — make it relevant again.

We start every content audit with analytics, assessing the top-performing content with an eye to keeping your audience on your site longer, and/or driving them to convert. A light rewrite, updating stats, adding more imagery, experimenting with CTA placements—there are 101 ways to update every piece of content to drive the right behaviors.

Content audits can be as extensive or as high-level as your budget permits — refreshing even 10 pages of content means 10 more social posts and more opportunities for conversions.

We’d love to help you
These are just some of the things our Creative and Content Marketing Teams do really well. So call us — we’d love to help you create some outstanding content marketing assets you can use now, and well into 2018 to drive your business and ROI.


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