May 30, 2017 James Burke

Customer Experience Strategies

If there is one important discussion we continue to have with our prospects and clients, it’s that delivering amazing cross-channel customer experiences takes new capabilities.

Why is the delivery of the Customer Experience (CX) such an important part of a brand’s success? Simply put…technology. As Scott Brinker points out in his excellent post Agencies and the marketing technologist revolution, digital is winning (see slide 5). Companies are beginning to tune their strategic thinking towards ways that increase the perceived value of their brand, increase lead gen and customer acquisition and decrease support needs – all through digital means. Customer Experience strategy and tactics (both outward and inward facing) allow corporations to have more touch points that are relationship driven and ultimately define the brand.

Companies need to use digital channels to create conversations with their customers, employees, and partners. Almost as important, a strategy for empowering employees to use digital channels needs to be in place.

At Consensus we think about the heuristic needs of the Customer Experience through a strategic approach that includes four important dimensions:

– Dialog
– Relevance
– Liquidity
– Consistency

We are tuning digital channels to support fundamental brand needs. That is the higher mission of successful companies.

Whether you are an agency executive, brand manager, or IT director…if you are not thinking about how to digitize your experiences you will quickly fall behind. The Customer Experience will always be important, as well as a source of competitive advantage.


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