Decision Sciences

For us, it’s all about the numbers — even our writers love analytics. We take a holistic approach to understanding data — relying on our knowledge about your target audience, your business goals, and your industry to make informed decisions and recommendations.


At Consensus, loving the experience is part of our DNA – it’s where we come from.


Understanding your audience is key. We take time to review site traffic with an emphasis on visitor trends, traffic sources, content review, goals (including conversions), search, and campaign tracking.

Measurement Plan

Consensus will meet with stakeholders to determine what analytic requirements are needed, outside of what is standard. This will be documented and approved by the stakeholders.


Google Tag Manager will be installed, which will manage the insertion of Google Analytics, as well as all additional tracking code and individual event tracking.


Custom dashboards will be set up in Google Analytics, reporting out on key metrics as determined by the stakeholder. We will also periodically check in post-launch to highlight key trends.

Optimization Recommendations

When consulting on current metrics and trends, Consensus will offer recommendations for improvements and goal-oriented optimizations.

Some of our great partners

How do we execute so successfully on the user experience? Some of our great partners and resources are below.

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