June 28, 2018 James Burke

Digital Factfulness – 10 Things That Will Become Better Than You Think

Digitally Awesome.

Bill Gates recently made a proposal to all graduating college students in which he said he would pick up the tab for those who downloaded a copy of Hans Rosling’s book, “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think.”

This got us thinking at Consensus – what 10 things do we see in our digital journey that will be better than we think? Here’s our top 10 based on market data and more importantly, our insights:

1. Personalization and Journeys. Gone are the days of different teams managing different software packages across a disparate ecosystem. As DXP’s become more and more sophisticated (as well as companies and agencies), smarter and more integrated technologies will make our work lives more productive as brands can follow their prospects and clients intelligently across their digital journeys and present useful products and services.

2. UX++. The UX experience is moving from web pages and mobile apps to personalized virtualized assistants to VR – there will be a paradigm shift in the overall UX approach. No denying the data – people LOVE a great experience. A UX investment with a quality UX team will provide short and long-term returns.

3. Social Vision. 2.8 trillion photos (that’s trillion with a “t”) were shared on social networks in 2017. Imagine how AI can change the lens of the user from text and web pages to images? Visual listening will become more and more prevalent for brands. Where are people most likely to be enjoying a product and when? It can also provides information about competitive products so you can also target based on those interactions.

4. Analog time (not better than we think). I have to include this one as it is a mandatory requirement in Mrs. B’s second grade class. Let’s face it, big hand? Little hand? Second hand? Show me the numbers – or have my digital assistant tell me the time. What does, “quarter till five” even mean?

5. Instant Commerce. Feed the tuna fish mayonnaise. Instagram, Facebook and Google have created different approaches (ad units that act as digital storefronts), thus shortening the path-to-purchase and improving consumer interaction. These ad units provide clear calls-to-action, easily measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), and appear native in form to consumers – ensure your brand is embracing consumers’ desires as the ability to purchase gets easier and easier.

6. AI/Machine learning. Good for humanity? Bad for humanity? Let’s talk about future marketing applications. Imagine the power of your smartest co-worker being able to help you with vision searches, language and sentiment analysis, predictive modeling and shorter time-to-action. We can let Musk and Zuck take it to the social waves, but as marketers the best is yet to come.

7. Digital Subscriptions. Paying for online video, music and game subscriptions seems like a better bargain then my hefty cable bill (because it is). The ability to get more and more each month is limitless. And it will get even better see offers improving and more companies figure out how to profit from this model.

8. Virtual Voice Assistants. I know, I know, lots of promises, but what is better than a good skill? With time as our most precious commodity, bring on the simple! We are on the cusp of forgetting about the importance of browser-based experiences and moving right into the world of virtual voice assistants. Have you seen the GeorgiaGov skills? Bedtime stories? Book a reservation?

9. Funds transfer (old school def – online banking). Walk into bank, move to back of the line, wait for the single teller behind the glass, perform transaction, walk out of the bank – this is the equivalent of today’s banking app. The future of money management and funds transfer is way beyond your BOA app. It is all about the currency and the transfer of funds – between any country, people or service.

10. Messaging apps and bots. Let’s face it, talking to a real person is overrated. So much can get done when you can simply get a fast, *accurate* and direct response. Handwritten letters? Heavy accents? Bring on the bots!

No matter how much we read about many of the not-so-awesome digital challenges (cyber security, fake news, devious political ads, AI in your living room) things are better then we realize!


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