Digital Stategy

Consensus Interactive’s research methods helps our clients better understand audience motivators, behaviors, and perceptions which enables us to craft creative experiences that drive results.


At Consensus, loving the experience is part of our DNA – it’s where we come from.

Customer Journey Mapping

Combine two powerful instruments—storytelling and visualization.

While maps take a wide variety of forms depending on context and business goals, certain elements should be included, and there are underlying guidelines to follow that help them be the most successful.

Research Assessment and Gap Analysis

Review all current client research and assets.

Consensus Interactive's consultants will review all current research documents as they pertain to the strategic direction of the new experience.

Market Research

Primary and Secondary Research.

Survey stakeholders, customers and prospects on current and proposed interactive initiatives. This consists of onsite and/or teleconference strategy sessions to understand statement of business value for the company (short term, medium term, long term).

Environmental Assessment

Category, Best-In-Class, Environmental Assessment.

Digital activity is analyzed to better understand industry trends and best practices in communicating to target audience.

Analytics Review

We have a unique set of challenges to overcome, and knowing where to look and what to look for is half the battle.

A review of your site’s current traffic with an emphasis on visitor trends, traffic sources, content review, goals (including conversions), search and campaign tracking. This activity also includes evaluation of all related social media properties related to your business.

Roadmap Matrix

A quantitatively “scored” set of recommendations/roadmap (value 100 high → 1 low) using our proprietary formula

The final roadmap consists of a sorted set of recommendations (high to low) and assigned story points to assist in assessing its place in the overall release strategy.

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