April 25, 2017 James Burke

How Google Maps Data Visualization Completes a Community Site

A gorgeous design and Google Maps data visualization create an addictive user experience for a global community learning site.

Like every other industry, healthcare is using digital technology, big data and social media to improve the way it works. Whether it’s using 3D printing to allow surgeons to practice their craft, or social media to collaborate, or robots to efficiently and whimsically deliver food to patients, hospitals and healthcare companies alike are in the digital technology business.

Boston Children’s Hospital is leading the way in using technology to improve pediatric healthcare. Take for example, OPEN Pediatrics, the first global online learning community dedicated to doctors and clinicians, launched by Boston Children’s in 2012.  OPEN Pediatrics is designed to allow doctors from all over the world to share their best practices, assess academic content, review expert demonstrations, and so much more.

Why We Chose Google Maps’ Data Visualization

At Consensus, we’re thrilled to have been selected to design and develop the OPEN Pediatrics website. We’re especially proud of the User Stories section, which uses the Google Maps data visualization interface to illustrate the vast diversity of the worldwide OPEN Pediatrics network. Clinicians from all over – Boston, Cape Town, Seoul, Melbourne – are sharing ideas and resources through this single online platform. The user stories page drives home the power of this platform, presenting clinician testimonials in the format of a map.

More than just a map though, the User Stories page is a beautiful visual and interactive experience. Our Creative Director, Erica Rai, designed a delicately detailed map to illustrate the diverse OPEN Pediatrics community. And our developers created a smooth scrolling experience between the map and the testimonials, allowing users with smaller screens to view the information with ease. The result is a gorgeous digital experience that encourages curiosity and immediately captivates the visitor.  Go ahead and click, move the map around – see the pins relocate, light up, and even drop you to the specific user story.

The advice and expertise shared on OPEN Pediatrics is literally saving the lives of children around the world.  And it’s a critical tool in regions where medical resources are scarce. Here are a few of the testimonials clinicians are sharing on the User Stories page:

“I have found OPENPediatrics a great teaching tool as well as a great forum for me to keep myself up to date…”  – Director of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Division Chief in Massachusetts.

“As a resident in pediatrics in Rwanda, I think this presentation is very necessary and interesting. I hope to improve my knowledge and skills from it.” – Pediatric resident from Rwanda

“After watching the video on managing septic shock, I started using steroids earlier and have seen the good response.” -attending physician in the Republic of Maldives

We designed the User Stories page to showcase the comprehensive international engagement with the OPEN Pediatrics site, proving the need for this tool and ultimately encouraging more clinicians to sign-up as new users. Using Google Maps data visualization to power this interface was simply the best solution.

There are many ways to integrate Google Maps to your site, and OPENPediatrics is just one example. If you are interested in increasing the user engagement on your site, or would just like to geek out with us and chat, please reach out!


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