January 31, 2018 Jonathan Keller

Redesign off-track? Here’s how to get a website redesign back on track

Is your site redesign going off-track? Here’s how to stay focused and get the redesign you need to meet your business goals.

At a time when user demands across all platforms are at a peak, it can be difficult to pinpoint your audience’s goals. Understanding your users influences every aspect of your interface, design and content, and it is the difference between repeat visitors and conversions, and frustrated naysayers.

Thankfully, the team at Consensus has developed a unique and simple strategy to keep our projects and clients focused on the creating the best solutions for their users.

When it comes to determining user goals, start with 3 key pieces of information: business goals, target audience, and a focus on goals versus tasks. These 3 things will help you lay out a clear strategy that gets at the crux of what your experience needs to accomplish.

1. Ruthlessly define your businesses goals.

Ascertaining the objectives of the design beforehand can save you a lot of wasted hours. There’s nothing more frustrating than sinking time into something that looks great, but doesn’t accomplish the goal of the organization in a meaningful way.

Common site goals include:

  • Marketing: Including generating leads and engaging existing customers, also increasing awareness
  • Sales & Support: Providing support and easy ways for sign-ups and assistance to improve customer satisfaction
  • Content Contributor and Thought Leadership: Generating engaging content that improves site traffic and overall trust and reliability

2. Know what motivates your users

Figuring out who will be using your product and knowing your audience is the meat of this whole process.

To do this, we create a “Motivator map” — we like this approach because it helps us tease out the sometimes not-so-obvious things your users are trying to accomplish. This requires research, stakeholder interviews, and as much pertinent information gathering as possible to understand important data points like:

  • Personal background, including age, gender, family status
  • Professional Background, occupation, income level, education
  • Psychographics, this pertains to motivations, pain points, interests, etc.

All of these, when combined, allow you to craft a motivator map that can be combined with end user goals and contrasted in specific scenarios or ‘day-in-the-life’ narratives.

3. Differentiate between user goals and user tasks

Being able to parse out the difference between a User Goal and a User Task is as simple as creating a funnel that forces you to look at those newly acquired goals from a big picture perspective.

Tasks are the portion of those goals that are required to reach a certain outcome. For example, if someone’s end goal is to make a charitable donation, user tasks would include navigating to the donation page, entering their credentials, entering an amount to donate. By knowing what the end goal is, tasks can be drastically simplified: Include a donate button with pre-filled information, making a multi-step process that much less of a pain.


From a design, research, and content generation standpoint, gathering information allows marketers and business leaders unique insights into who is using their product or resource and sets up a journey that leads them from point A, to point B in the easiest, most efficient method possible. Taking your users key-end goals and putting them at the forefront of your design while allowing secondary actions to take a backseat ensures that your audience gets to what they need when they need it.

And, in the long-run having these areas of the project defined reduces management costs, reduces the time it takes to complete tasks, and improves visitor satisfaction.


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