February 28, 2017 Lauren Nolan

Land Here… Go There: Tips for Successful Landing Pages

The team at Consensus recently launched a landing page to promote the Boston Children’s Hospital marketing campaign – Until Every Child Is Well. The purpose of the new landing page is to drive traffic with clear calls-to-action to the main website, while also announcing the campaign.

Landing pages are designed strategically with an eye towards prompting the user to take an action, be that to sign up/register for something, or find out more information. Where as you wouldn’t typically see a sign up form in the middle of a homepage, for landing pages, it’s a key component.

In this case, the primary goal was to drive users to 3 key links on the main website: Find a Doctor, Request an Appointment, Browse Conditions + Treatments, as well as to promote and provide links to the hospital locations/contact information.

Secondary goals of the landing page were to promote the campaign in content, images, and video — it’s critical that landing pages fit the look and feel of the overall campaign. For the Until Campaign, the colors, imagery, and copy were all in-line with those used in the print and online advertising arms of the campaign, to allow for a seamless marketing presence across channels.

Using video on landing pages can be a good engagement tactic. Remember, just because you set the page up with clear calls-to-action, like a sign-up form or buy now link, doesn’t mean they are going to use it. You’ve got one page to give your “elevator speech” and you’ve got to remember to present the “why” for the “buy”.

There are also opportunities for social sharing of the campaign, which is a great way to get your landing page noticed. In the case of the Boston Childrens’ Until page, we tied in one of the campaign’s fill-in the blank tactics, “I will _____ until every child is well” by saying “I will spread the word until every child is well” alongside the social options.

With a commitment statement like Until Every Child Is Well, it is no surprise that Boston Children’s Hospital is the #1 Ranked Pediatric Hospital Nationwide by U.S. News & World Report.


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