Measuring Your Brand’s Impact throughout the Social Universe

It is no secret social media is a great way to get your brand’s message out there. You can control the message, cultivate a following, and respond to follower’s messages and posts. But while you can keep a tight focus on the message you put out surrounding your brand, how do you keep an eye on what others are saying, and how far that message is going? This is where social listening comes in.

Social listening is the practice of crawling various social channels for keywords, and distilling those results into actionable metrics. At Consensus, we break the data down into metrics we call Strength, Passion, Sentiment, and Reach. Let’s break down what these mean, and what they tell us.


Strength is a look at how much a keyword is being mentioned in the past 24 hours. This is essentially a measurement of how a topic is “trending” across all social channels. Strength is a great metric to look at when you want to view how something timely (like a product launch, press release, or new messaging campaign) is resonating in the social spectrum.


Passion is a measure of the number of unique authors of your keyword verse those who do so repeatedly. This gives you a general idea of how many authors are highly engaged with your brand, verse how many may be well suited for extended nurturing or retargeting.


Sentiment actually looks at the language of the mentions, and breaks out those that are generally positive verse those that are generally negative, then presents those as a ratio. This offers a great look into how your brand is being perceived, and allows you to interject on negative mentions if monitored regularly.


Reach looks at the total number of unique authors mentioning your keyword verse the total number of mentions. The higher that ratio, the higher the reach score.

These are all great metrics for gaining an understanding about how the world is discussing your (or your competitor’s) brand, product, or campaign. It’s a great idea to perform a social listening audit before you engage in any major digital effort, and to continue checking in to gauge the softer impacts of your campaign.

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