A successful digital experience has become more important than ever to your brand’s success! 2018 was the largest year for the solar industry to date – be sure your digital experiences are ready to stand out in 2019. NABCEP 2019 is the most spectacular release to-date. Here are 4 things you should know about the new experience –>

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4 Key Differentiators for NABCEP

1. Data-driven. The Consensus approach relies on in-depth conversations with our clients, along with environmental research and our history as digital experts. The new site delivers the right experience to the right audience at the right points in time.

2. Fully Content Managed. NABCEP 2019 delivers an administrative experience that allows the content editors to not only add and modify content, but to also re-arrange elements and messages on individual pages, crop and manipulate images and test for SEO effectiveness.

3. Device Agnostic. Decisions are no longer made on a single device. Users need the flexibility to complete their goals on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. it is important to deliver the right experience during these “micro-moments” of decisions.

4. Love The Experience. The architecture and design (IA/UX) of the new experience follows today’s best practices for users.