October 2, 2016 James Burke

Simple Is Hard: Designing a Digital Health Content Experience for the #1 Children’s Hospital in the U.S.

How creating an optimized health content experience for the website of the #1 children’s hospital in the U.S. became a study in simplicity. 

I’m often reminded of the famous quote from Steve Jobs:

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

It’s no surprise this is always ringing in my ears. You see, in our office, you’ll hear the short form of this – “Simple is hard” quite a bit.

Simple, Responsive Design Is What We Do

For us, like Jobs, there is a tireless drive to keep pushing until something is so streamlined, so intuitive, so clean, and oh so pixel perfect in all that we do. Our refresh of the Conditions and Treatments section for Boston Children’s is no exception. Sure, there’s plenty of health content online, but for the worried mom or the tired dad who reach for the Boston Children’s website to understand something as complex as medical conditions and treatments, this one’s for you.

With simple alpha sorting, search, and filters for separating Conditions and Treatments, this health content is easy to navigate and read whether you are on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. We added dynamic pages to pull in related hospital Programs & Services so you can request an appointment or find a doctor right there, as you browse, where you’d expect to find it. And we did the necessary development and editorial work to optimize every page of this health content for search engines – so this relaunch can capture localized traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo too.

We know parenting is hard. And finding answers to your questions about raising healthy kids is even harder. We get it…but moreover, we get you.

We hope this optimized health content experience on the childrenshospital.org website helps users make sense of an overwhelming sea of health content online. Because, while it’s hard to create simple digital experiences, it’s the simplest experiences that make consuming difficult information easier.


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