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Boston Children's Hospital Virtual Tour

A virtual tour for the #1 pediatric hospital

Imagine being the kid who is about visit Boston Children’s – apprehensive, determined, and afraid, might be some of the emotions you’d feel. To take the anxiety out of every child’s visit, we’re proud to have worked with the team at Boston Children’s on the hospital’s very first Virtual Tour.

A 360 degree look at the country’s #1 pediatric hospital, the tour empowers patients to navigate, explore and plan their visit, from the parking lot to the exam room.

As we continually invest and focus on emerging technologies at Consensus, this latest work alongside Boston Children’s Hospital has been some of our most exciting and fulfilling.

We started the process by working with Boston Children’s to define the key journeys and hotspots to be included on the tour, as well as the key calls-to-actions and user goals for the final experience.

Our next step was a comprehensive photo shoot, using 360 degree shots to capture every angle of the hospital, from the valet to the food court, to primary care.

Using the Boston Children’s Hospital brand as a guide, the creative team developed an elegant look and feel for the tour, that accentuated the key features and ensured an intuitive and clean user experience.

To tie these elements together, the Consensus development team relied on an array of different technologies. Google Street View API, Google Maps Javascript API, HTML/CSS, Vue.js, and JSON were all applied throughout the development process. The end result was a comprehensive virtual tour experience, highlighted by some advanced functionality:

  • Select a Journey wayfinding
  • Interactive map with key hospital landmarks
  • Embedded media, notifications, and instruction via “Tour Hotspots”
  • Bilingual translation

Mobile-friendly and built with the flexibility to grow as the hospital grows, this Virtual Tour is a cutting-edge resource for the patients and families of Boston Children’s Hospital. 

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Boston Children’s Hospital

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Virtual Tour


Google Street View API, Google Maps Javascript API, HTML/CSS, Vue.js, JSON


Digital Strategy, IA/UX, Creative, AngularJS, Google Mapping Technology