Faceoff App

Creating clean and simple mobile interfaces — we know it’s not easy but it’s something we aim to do with each and every new mobile project we take on. Whether it’s designing a responsive site for the #1 children’s hospital in the U.S. or in this case, creating sleek IA/UX and design for a lacrosse app, we gladly accept the challenge of all things mobile.

When this project began, we knew that the client wanted an app for lacrosse players that would focus on the “face-off” experience. There currently are no other apps like this in the market and there is no easy way to work on, and practice, a face-off via mobile technology. With this in mind, we created a set of features that made practicing a face-off simple and intuitive, and implemented large call-to-action icons that attracted users.

Because athletes were the main audience, we made sure to implement features into the interface that would keep them engaged. This included high-quality imagery, bold icons, CTA animation, music controls to pause/play cadences, and content expansion/minimization. The easy transition between calls-to-action and overall smooth interface boasts a streamlined look and feel that makes use on any mobile device easy.