IRL POS Application

“Supports advanced functionality and logic.”

The IDEXX Reference Laboratories (IRL) Panel Builder is a headless-based application used as part of sales initiatives for IDEXX Laboratories. The tool is used by IDEXX’s Veterinary Diagnostic Consultants in practices across the country at the point of sale.

The focus of the tool covers two primary audiences; Competitive (customers using IDEXX competitor tests) and Loyal (customers using IDEXX tests). This tool uses advanced functionality and logic, enabling the VDC’s to capture crucial competitive data and offer upgrades and pricing options for existing customers based on a set of predictive algorithms.

As the application continues to grow with consistent releases of enhanced capability, the tool has become a clear differentiator for IDEXX in the veterinary diagnostic field.

• Application retrieves and displays a view of all codes that client has run/bought in the previous 12 months.

• Provides the user an immediate view into the client’s past transactions, whether it be as a refresher for the user or an introduction/talking point for new territory, new practice manager, etc.

• User can also choose an existing code that the practice is using with IDEXX and extrapolate values from that point.

• Advanced pricing tables (a critical feature, which helps users land on the most accurate pricing)

• Invoice Capture. The application uses the iPad camera functionality, which enables the VDC’s to take images of their prospective client’s competitive invoices. This provides substantial data for IDEXX (an image of competitors prices, tests, etc) as they continually measure.

• “Notes to Sales Support” field. This feature helps user’s capture notes they want to share to the Sales Support team specific to the deal prior to submission.

• A branded PDF output is delivered to the users and the Sales Support team upon submission of a deal. This acts as a receipt of the deal.


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