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IDEXX Petly Plans

With the creation of, IDEXX’s goal was to promote the value of Petly Plans to veterinarian practices and pet owners. Because Petly Plans help pet owners manage the cost of their pets’ preventive care over the course of the year, the Plans bring dependable revenue and repeat business to Veterinarians, making Petly Plans a critical way for Veterinarians to grow their practice.

IDEXX faced 2 big challenges with Petly Plans: 1) The site had to promote the benefits of providing preventive care in general; 2) The site had to explain preventive care plans since they are new in the veterinary market. So our site had to be organized around 2 major user goals and still drive interest in IDEXX’s branded Petly Plans themselves.

Simple Navigation: We devised a content strategy and from it, a navigational model, that focused all of the content assets into 3 sections, each one answering the questions Veterinarians might have about preventive care plans.

Emotional, Dynamic Design: Engaging users is what we do. For, it just made sense to use silent video right on the homepage to make that immediate connection with our target audience, veterinarians. We designed the site in IDEXX’s brand palette, using compelling imagery juxtaposed with solid blocks of color to create an experience that kept people scrolling, clicking and exploring.

Imaginative and captivating animation: For Petly Plans, our goal was to create a video that showcased key product features and drives leads. An eloquent script, clean and simple animation design, and an encouraging voiceover work together to create a powerful video experience. The easily-digestible format can be promoted in social media campaigns and even at tradeshows.


IDEXX – Petly Plans


600% increase in avg. monthly page views in first 2 months
59% increase in unique monthly users since launch

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