[ut_header style=”pt-style-2″ title=”IDEXX SDMA Campaign”]The IDEXX SDMA Test can save pets’ lives by identifying kidney disease up to 48 months earlier than previous tests. The first addition to the veterinary clinical panel in 40 years, IDEXX faced a challenge in getting veterinarians to understand the true value and power of the test.

So IDEXX asked us to create a campaign to drive awareness of the groundbreaking test. We devised an omni-channel content marketing and digital media campaign around our messaging platform: SDMA Matters. And we created a simple, digestible content offer to help educate veterinarians on this new test, “The 5-Minute Guide to IDEXX SDMA.” This infographic would serve as our lead-generation offer, guiding folks directly into a 5-week email nurture campaign once they downloaded the piece.

The power and flexibility of our messaging platform was brought to life by our design team with outstanding, bold visuals that quickly conveyed the reasons to believe in SDMA.

Finally, we put our message in the market with a highly-tailored selection of channels, programmatic ad placement, and behavioral targeting.

Veterinarian campaign: Why SDMA Matters
– Offer: The 5 Minute Guide to the IDEXX SDMA Test
– 2 5-week email nurture campaigns
– Email list purchase targeting veterinary community
– Digital display, print ad campaign, Facebook slideshow, animation & display ads

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