IDEXX SNAP Pro Analyzer

To promote the launch of the SNAP Pro Analyzer’s latest software upgrade, we created a video animation to persuade veterinarians to complete the upgrade.

With VetTechs as our primary audience and social media as our primary platform, our video needed to have pluck and feel authentic, both visually and in the voiceover. It also needed to be short — so we settled on a script that would be no longer than 60 seconds.

To really capture VetTechs’ attention, we needed to depart from the typical “here’s what you need to know” approach. So our script focused on the benefits of the upgrade, as seen through VetTechs’ eyes. And our animation (which we knew might play silently) showed exactly how the SNAP Pro Analyzer software upgrade would allow VetTechs to do their jobs more easily, and provide better care to patients — the two key user goals for this audience.

By telling the story of the SNAP Pro Analyzer upgrade from the point of view of the VetTech we naturally created a bond, showing that the company behind the SNAP Pro Analyzer understood them and their challenges. And more to the point, it demonstrated that the upgrade was designed with them in mind.

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