SIM Pediatrics

“Hospital-based simulator suites may point the way forward as the new paradigm for the effective education of clinicians, current and future.” – Peter Weinstock

With over 250 Faculty Members and 500 participants annually, the Pediatric Simulator Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is the first hospital-based simulator at a teaching hospital in New England. The SIMPeds Website is designed to serve both the internal Boston Children’s Hospital SIMPeds Program faculty and participants, and to showcase the SIM Program to the global SIM Pediatrics community. It is essentially a postgraduate program for medical professionals of multiple disciplines and departments.

Our goal was two-fold:

1. Create a best-in-class online learning platform to bring together Faculty and Participants to stimulate ongoing discussion, support the exchange of course materials and enrich the learning experience.

2. Showcase the innovations coming out of the SIMPeds program at Boston Children’s Hospital to the global SIM Pediatrics community.

By creating such a platform, users are now able to navigate through an interactive website that contains helpful information about the program, facilities, and ongoing research. These different facets of the site give users a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action that makes Boston Children’s Hospital physicians number one!

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