Cambridge Innovation Center

We developed the Venture Café logo and brand identity to convey the spirit of collaboration and innovation that the Foundation embodies.

For the rebranding of its expanding Venture Café Foundation, the Cambridge Innovation Center asked us to create a logo and brand identity that could be used globally.

Our Goal: Establish a set of visual guidelines for staff and designers alike to reference when creating promotional materials.

Our final deliverables included:

  • Logo
  • Brand Identity, including visual system
  • Templates for business cards, Powerpoint presentation, and event flyers
  • Complete, interactive digital style guide

The Venture Café Logo
The final mark is meant to be a pivot point, representing the meeting point between creatives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a brilliant idea. It also represents a V for Venture and a hidden C is contained within the logo. The typeface for the logo is bold, clear, timeless and professional.

The Digital Style Guide
With the Venture Café logo and brand identity complete, we pulled everything together into a single Digital Style Guide. The interactive guide contains all aspects of Venture Café’s brand identity, organized into sections that include collateral and messaging. The entire global organization can access their brand guidelines in a single location at any time. And it’s all hosted on a CMS so as theVenture Café Foundation continues to grow, they can add, subtract and edit this guide on the go.

Equipped with these tools, the Venture Café team can continue to create pieces that further amplify their brand voice, establishing an organization that makes a lasting impression on the business and entrepreneurial community in Boston and ultimately around the globe.

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