April 22, 2017 James Burke

Right On (Re) Target: The Importance of Re-Engaging Your Online Audiences

Our quick case for retargeting users who have touched your brand online.

If you are in business, there is an unfortunate but invariable truth that applies to you: not everyone in the marketplace will be interested in what you’re peddling. Immediate needs, worldly perceptions, brand loyalties, and pure habit are just a few of the many factors that can influence an individual’s propensity to engage with your business. This conjures the central marketing challenge of how to reach the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

The first time you reach someone, it is extremely rare that your communication will fit all three of these circumstances and drive individuals to the action you desire. Realistically, success will rely not only on reaching that person with additional frequency over time, but also also with increasing specificity. Seeing your upper-funnel brand messaging over and over again will not drive incremental value once an individual moves to (or beyond) the consideration phase. As potential customers assimilate your brand with their existing knowledge base, the way you engage them over time should evolve with their perceptions. Otherwise, the impact of your media will stagnate; and you’ll be wasting both time and marketing dollars, potentially without ever thinking twice about it.

With that said, fighting media stagnation is simple: you must progressively qualify and re-engage individuals you have reached, based on their previous interaction with your messaging. This way, you can tailor subsequent messaging based on your audience’s most current experience with your business. While tracking offline behaviors can be a difficult and fragmented pursuit, web analytics and advertising technologies make robust online retargeting a very attainable reality. This is why retargeted media should and can always be part of your digital mix.

Here’s how you can begin to think about retargeting for a single digital campaign:

  1.  Map your users’ path to conversion. From initial media touch, all the way down to that key final action. Make sure to highlight important junctures where a user’s action constitutes a “next step” or “checkpoint” en route to the ultimate goal.
  2. Identify metrics for each defined measurement juncture. These metrics can ultimately be used as triggers to qualify & retarget users progressively as they complete actions throughout your digital experience.
  3. Explore media retargeting partners. For Google Analytics users, the Google Display Network is a natural fit for launching retargeting – given that integration and configuration is relatively seamless and “Do-It-Yourself”. However, there are many partners with solutions that may be more tailored to your needs; so it is worthwhile to research what is best for your business. In particular, make sure the partners you consider have the ability to retarget based on the qualifying actions you desire.

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