October 30, 2017 James Burke

Social Media Campaigns: The Best Way to Increase Your ROI

A creative refresh is the best way to maximize your social media campaign’s ROI before the year ends.

Social media is one of our favorite advertising channels. Not just because social media campaigns are effective, but because social gives us an easy way to test lots and lots of different messages and visuals and find out what works best. (And we’re suckers for optimizing our creative.)

As the end of 2017 approaches, it’s a great moment to review your social media campaign’s performance and your creative, and give it a refresh.

Afterall, 70% of Facebook users login daily, and those 450 million LinkedIn users don’t want to see the same ads every time they scroll through their feed.

Creative Refresh: Get Inspired by Your Analytics
For us, a creative refresh always starts with the campaign’s performance to date. What post copy, imagery, CTA copy, and headline copy has performed well so far? This can point us in a safe direction for developing updated, or even all new creative.

Finding the right imagery for your campaign can be time-consuming — and sometimes when we’re in a time crunch, we might skip that step altogether and opt for creating social tiles — templates that we can use to highlight a stat, quote, or other compelling facts that will really stand out in any social feed.

*Pro tip: 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with as little as 6 hours a week spent on social media

Launching the Updated Creative
You’ve also already done the heavy lifting for getting your new ads in front of the right audiences. Remember those crazed days leading up to campaign launch when you defined your audience, set a schedule, and created a budget for your ad set? The same parameters apply to this new set of creative. Once the campaign targeting is done, it’s just a matter of adding new creative.

*Pro tip: when you launch a Facebook ad, check the Instagram box and run the ad in two places

With 90% of marketers reporting that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their business, and ⅓ of the world using social networks regularly, investing in your social networks is a no-brainer.

Cliff Notes: For the 43% of you who admitted to only skimming blog posts, refreshing your social ads are the most efficient, effective, and budget-friendly way reach for your Q4 goals.


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