Solving Targeted Marketing’s “Ick” Factor: Creating Irresistible Content offers

A simple rubric for creating irresistible content offers that convert.

As audiences become increasingly wary of marketing messages that follow them around the internet — and resistant to those same ads, our jobs as marketers are getting more challenging.

Our answer: irresistible content offers that immediately resonate, and cannot be ignored.

Here, our 3 steps to creating content your audience MUST HAVE:

1. Audience Mindset
Go beyond job title and function and think: “What does my audience need? How can I help them do their job better?”

This is all about taking a deliberately audience-centric approach to delivering the right content offer. Forget about what you want to say about your product or service; think about what your audience needs to know. You are publishing for them, not for you. Make a list of the key points or themes each target audience segment needs to hear, and then craft your offer around addressing those points.

We took this approach when we created the “5 Minute Guide to SDMA” — an infographic about a new life-saving test for cats and dogs — and generated over 500 leads in just under 3 months. Why did it work? Because it was positioned as a solution to our audience’s problem that was also considerate of their time.

2. The purchase funnel determines your medium.
Where is your audience in their understanding of your product and how it can solve their problems? Are you creating awareness for a new product’s features and benefits, or are you trying to drive your audience toward a final purchase? Each moment in the consideration funnel demands different types of content, and a different amount of information.

We are huge fans of “snackable” content — content that’s crisply-written, highly-visual and easily-digestible, in the form of infographics, 30-second silent videos, or slideshows. This kind of content is ideal for the early stages of creating awareness, and it’s also highly-shareable.

One example of snackable video content we created for a client earned the most impressions among their highly targeted Facebook audience than ever before. Even better: we repurposed it into an email campaign that also delivered results.

Snackable content is fun to create and consume. On the other end of the spectrum, highly-researched whitepapers, ebooks and case studies drive folks from consideration to purchase by offering them proof that your product or service works — exactly what decision-makers need to justify an investment in a new service.

3. Solve their pain point.
Positioning your content in a way that solves your audience’s pain points is everything. What, exactly, is their top worry, their biggest fear? Does your offer give them the gift of time, money, knowledge, or all of the above?

We think of positioning as “better than another infographic.” Which is to say, we’re saturated with infographic offers; our designers and content developers are more creative than that.

Case in point: for one of our clients, our creative team collaborated to create a highly-visual and incredibly effective “Roadmap to Customer Engagement” that laid out a plan for executives who wanted to improve customer satisfaction metrics.

Distilling a complex topic into a digestible guide, laying out a conceivable plan of action into an easy-to-understand roadmap, providing trusted research in an authoritative whitepaper — these are all different ways we position content offers to make them irresistible to your target prospects.


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