August 22, 2017 Stephanie Wagle

The Summer of Interns

A nod to our 2017 summer interns.

This summer we’ve been lucky to have 3 interns here in the office — they’ve been excellent additions to our team, supporting our work in Decision Sciences, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Sales. We thought they did a great job, but we took a risk and asked them about their experiences with us.

Here’s what our interns had to say:

Katherine Glass, Consensus Summer InternKatherine Glass: This summer I worked with both Decision Sciences and Content Marketing. My favorite thing about Consensus is just how many different parts of the company I got to work in. I worked with data, I got to experience the proofing process, and I got to work on building our social media presence. I’m better prepared for any future work experience because not only have I gotten so much exposure, but I learned from people who were kind, open to answering questions, and who were interested in hearing what I had to say.


Alex Kennelly, Consensus Summer Intern

Alex Kennelly: This summer I had the opportunity to help out with multiple sites, both internal and for our clients. But the most exciting part was that I got to speak to our clients. I learned it is so important to treat each client as if they are the only one. No matter where I end up in the business world, I will always be able to apply that.


Brady Burke, Consensus Summer InternBrady Burke: I worked in Digital Marketing and Strategy at first and then integrated into Sales. The most exciting part is getting to work in a digital environment and learn about computer systems. The internship directly correlated with my major and should hopefully help me achieve a similar job!


We’re pretty happy we got to know these 3 talented, dedicated young people who were enthusiastic about coming into work and interested in learning everything they could from this opportunity at Consensus.

Best of luck guys, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of you! (Come back!)


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