May 22, 2018 Chris Barnhill

The True Value of Awareness

It used to be that awareness was all you could really hope for in advertising. Long before the days of first touch attribution, UTM Code, and tracking pixels, brands were just trying to get their name out there for a bit of recognition when shoppers saw products on shelves. But as digital marketing became more sophisticated and we were able to measure and attribute more and more user actions, the needle shifted to put less focus on engagement and more on down funnel stages like lead generation. People will often tell you now that conversion rate is king, and anything else just exists to support conversion and sales.

What we are here to tell you today is… Awareness still matters! And it is very much a measurable endeavor. We have recently been running a large scale awareness campaign for one client who has a very wide array of clients, but was not a name brand as far as the general public was concerned. They approached us with some stories and videos they wanted to circulate to relevant industries which demonstrate their impact in the marketplace, and the world in general.

Consensus constructed a campaign targeting health providers, business decision makers, and global health professionals across a number of channels and publications, and saw immediate results. Within the first few weeks of our campaign running, we were able to increase traffic to our clients landing page by a whopping 9,359%. So much so that it became one of the most visited pages on their site.

But when it comes to awareness, what exactly do you measure? Well, like most things, it depends on exactly what your goals are. In our case we were trying to expose our audience to the brand, entice them to learn more on the landing page, and ultimately watch our video. We marketed to them across Search, Display, Pre-Roll, and Social. We achieved over 5 million impressions in short order, but how do we know that the impressions were meaningful and correctly targeted? Well, when we compared click through rates across channels, we ranged anywhere between a 50% increase over benchmark to a 1,200% increase. This told us both that our creative was engaging, and it was placed in front of an audience that was likely to engage with it.

Lastly, we measured what actions users were taking once making it to the landing page. These metrics proxied for a more traditional conversion in a lead generation campaign. We followed users time on page, overall session duration, and how they engaged with the impact story videos. We also kept a close on what percentage of users visiting through our campaign were new visitors. The sources from our campaign ranged anywhere between 67% to 100% new users to the website.

So ultimately, what did we learn? In our awareness campaign, we were able to understand our reach of impressions, that our audience was far more likely to engage compared to averages, that our audience to the website was very heavily weighted to new users, and which actions our audience took after making it to the website. We were able to confidently say we increased awareness of the brand with a new audience, based on what we were able to measure.

Is your organization struggling with awareness, or other media needs? Feel free to reach out, we would love to hear more about how we could help.


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