February 16, 2017 Griffin Tewksbury

Video Shoots: Time To See It Through

Part Three: The Consensus Approach on Post-Production

For the third (and final) post in this series on product video shoots, we thought it was only fitting to break our key post-production ideologies into three parts. We’ve found post-production to be one of the most challenging and interesting points of the video shoot process. One minute you’re engaged in the live action on set watching the scripts unfold before your eyes. The next, you’re behind a desk waiting for the next cut. The difference in velocity between the pre and post worlds can be a bit jarring, but we’ve landed on a process that works for us, and for our clients.

When it comes to post-production, we’ve found the following practices to be the most effective to ensure a successful product video. One, let the director be the director. Two, make the most out of internal reviews; and three, get the most out of each video.

Let the director be the director.

After hours of work in pre-production and on set, it’s difficult for everyone involved not to form strong opinions on the video. It’s inevitable everyone will have an idea of what the scene should look like. And on set, we’ve found it important to keep everyone focused on our one common goal: a highly appealing and compelling showcase of the product.


That’s where the director comes in. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible directors in the past and we’ve found that he or she, more often than not, has a creative solution that achieves the best outcome for our clients. The director is the expert when it comes down to editing and capturing the right moments. So on-set and in post-production, our directors have our complete trust.

Make the most out of internal reviews.

When the video shoot ends, one of the first thoughts is, “When can we see the first cut?” There’s no shame in that. We’ve thought it. Our clients have asked it. We’re always eager to see the work translate to the screen and get it to our client as soon as possible. In addition, there’s almost an aspect of mystery involved. During the shoots, really only the director and cinematographer hold a clear idea of what certain shots and scenes may ultimately look like on screen.


The ability to fight this urge is never easy, but nevertheless an important one. We aim for our review process to be clean and concise, and this starts with our own internal reviews process. While you can’t anticipate every revision, when you work as a team conducting internal reviews, we’ve found you can eliminate many rounds of minor revisions from the start.

Internal reviews ensure you’re delivering the highest quality product, cutting out wasted review time for our clients, so they can focus on the pivotal revisions.

Get the most out of each video.

It’s a beautiful thing–to see your product video come together in its final form. But we’ve found the opportunities do not end there. In fact, we’ve found cutting videos down into smaller, concentrated snippets is an easy and effective way to boost product marketing efforts, allowing clients to showcase product videos at trade shows and via social media campaigns.

Roll Credits

Well, maybe not for a product video. But the months of toil have finally culminated in seconds of polished greatness. And that’s always a pretty great feeling. From afar it breaks down to a simple formula; precise in planning, sharp in execution. As always, we’re cognizant of all the details, minor and major, that make these shoots possible. And more importantly, we’re grateful for all the people who drive their success.

Fade to black.


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