October 3, 2017 Stephanie Wagle

Improving the Healthcare Experience

We’re passionate about producing results for our healthcare clients.

At Consensus, we get that every “prospective patient” is really a scared mom, worried daughter, or a sick patient. They’re trying to learn everything they can during a difficult time – which means they need answers they can trust quickly.

Creating smart digital experiences is what we do best, and for the past 6 years we’ve done this time and time again for our healthcare clients, with great results.

Whether it’s a content marketing campaign for Tufts Health Plan, a complex digital strategy for Lifespan’s growing hospital system, or the world’s fastest doctor finder, we’re passionate about creating simple experiences that satisfy user goals, showcase brands, and drive business outcomes for healthcare organizations.

Here’s some of our most recent healthcare work:

A Digital Strategy for Growing Hospital System
How we created a successful digital strategy for Lifespan, merging its network of 16 websites into one coherent, empowering experience to drive patient volume and brand trust.

Building the World’s Fastest Doctor Finder
Users’ search patterns have changed — these days users expect relevant results as they type. The doctor finder we built for Lifespan uses Algolia’s powerful Instant Search API to do just that — but we took it a step further.

Launched! Tufts Health Plan Content Marketing Campaign
The thought leadership campaign we designed and developed for Tufts Health Plan educates employers and brokers on the many ways smart health plans can control costs and create intelligent customer experiences.


A Little Bit About Us

Our Core Values: Do It Right, or Don’t Do It
We’ve created a company based on a set of core values, and turned them into a single aspiration: build the best experiences possible.


What We’re Reading Now

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As Google looks to protect all form data with its new HTTPS alert, marketers need to take note. Here, the 3 steps they need to take to ensure conversions.


More of Our Healthcare Work

Tufts Health Plan Website & CMS

Harvard Medicine Magazine Website


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