The Client Experience

We get it. The “varsity” pitch team shows up and you see a dazzling array of slides that say, “we love our clients” or better yet, “our clients love us”. Then something happens, the pitch team goes away, a junior account person shows up and you are looking for a Slack buddy, anybody.

Our client’s experience is most important to us at Consensus – it’s about bringing digital goodness to the world 🙂


At Consensus, loving the experience is part of our DNA – it’s where we come from.

Our Approach

As digital practitioners, we are often caught in a balancing act: usability improvements, tasks to be done, design ideas, personas, resources — the list goes on. The reality is that not everything can be done at once. Making an informed decision on what to prioritize can be daunting.

A prioritization matrix serves to identify the most important problems. This structured, objective approach helps achieve collaborative consensus while satisfying the varied needs of the user and business.

Prioritization Matrix

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