Data Driven

Our process brings together a collaborative group to use its expertise for making an informed decision. Regardless of the outcome, the exercise promotes productive, structured conversation: the options at hand weighed against the criteria important to the business.

Our final roadmap represents a shared visual representation of a data-driven ranking and indicates a democratic process, rather than the opinions of any one individual.

Our Approach

As digital practitioners, we are often caught in a balancing act: usability improvements, tasks to be done, design ideas, personas, resources — the list goes on. The reality is that not everything can be done at once. Making an informed decision on what to prioritize can be daunting.

A prioritization matrix serves to identify the most important problems. This structured, objective approach helps achieve collaborative consensus while satisfying the varied needs of the user and business.

Prioritization Matrix


At Consensus, loving the experience is part of our DNA – it’s where we come from.

Digital Strategy

Market Research / User Journeys / Roadmap

An amazing experience means understanding your audience and their goals within the digital journey.

Content Marketing

Campaigns / Web / Video

Consensus’ Content Marketing Team is structured to design, build, and manage end-to-end original content programs for any number of industry verticals.

Creative Services

Branding / Web Design / Animation / Video

Our goal with the look-and-feel of any assignment is to explore a variety of visually impactful ideas that can communicate corporate positioning.


CMS / Headless / e-Commerce

We imagine, architect, engineer, and maintain it the right way – we eat, sleep, and breathe code.

User Experience

IA / UX / User Testing

One of the most important steps to building a successful experience begins by understanding the mental model for each user.

Media Strategy

Paid Search / Display / Email

Our goal to develop a lucrative SEO program that drives revenue through your website.

Decision Sciences

Research / Measurement / Dashboards

Consensus Interactive fully understands the highly competitive nature of the online marketplace. It is our goal to develop a lucrative SEO program that drives revenue through your website.

Social Marketing

Listening / Content Strategy / Community Management

Social media is a channel where customers and brands can come together to communicate openly in order to build lasting relationships.

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